Hi there! I’m Sydnie, and the dashing blonde sitting next to me is my sweet & silly BFF David.

We are a husband + wife tag team from small town Salem, Utah.

A little bit about us: David is a Software Engineer working at a fast growing company in Provo, and I am a freelance Graphic Designer for SydnieKay.com. We met at our church, and shortly realized we were meant to be together. With our compatible careers, we quickly found that we made a pretty good team!

As much as we love our jobs, something else we’ve found a passion for is PROJECTS. Anything to keep our minds and hands busy.

Refind is our little way of recapturing the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We’ve loved the journey furniture has taken us, as we’ve ‘refined’ the material, we ‘Refind’ its former glory and charm. The heart of it all.